4 Malaysian beach getaways

Perhentian Islands

Planning your next trip? Why not consider neighbouring Malaysia’s beach destinations.  

Singapore has more attractions than you could shake a stick at. A wealth of green space, a host of attractions suited to a range of age groups and a good standard of living. On top of all of this, Singapore’s geographic location makes it a great hub for visiting the region. Malaysia is on its doorstep too so if you fancy venturing across the border to visit one of Malaysia’s stunning beaches, then why not head to one of these four:

1. Langkawi.

Langkawi is world famous. Nestled up on the north west coast on the Andaman Sea and bordering neighbouring Thailand, this glistening island is in fact made of up an archipelago of 104 islands. Best visited between November and May due to lower humidity and lots of sunny days, it is also is fortunate to receive less rainfall compared to the eastern coast of Malaysia meaning that it can be visited pretty much year round although September to November are the wettest. One downside to Langkawi is that top end resorts occupy some of the best coves on this island meaning that you cannot enjoy them unless you are a guest. However the island has access to some great diving and snorkelling site namely Palau Payar Marine Park, so there is good reason why people continue to flock here and its picture perfect beaches.

2. Tioman.

If you are looking for something a little less developed then head to Tioman on the eastern coast. Just 32 kilometres of the mainland it is a mecca for those who love the outdoors with lots of trekking opportunities in the jungle. Golf is an abundance here but if dry land isn’t your thing then dive down to the Tioman Marine Park to explore the underwater world. There is a good range of accommodation on the island dependent on your needs each with its own vibe. A word of warning, monitor lizards can be found on Tioman as well as monkeys who have a particular liking for golf balls.

3. Perhentian.

Hot on the agendas of backpackers is the Perhentian Islands. Situated on the northeastern tip of the peninsular of Malaysia, Perhentian can be literally translated to ‘the place to stop’. Make the journey here and you will quickly see why. These five islands boast some of the clearest glistening waters and pristine white beaches. Despite it being dubbed as a backpacker hangout there is also accommodation suited to families as well. But if you are wanting a tropical beach getaway with a bit of a party thrown in, then head here.

4. Similajau National Park.

Not only is Malaysia known for this sun-drenched beaches but also its lush jungle too. Should you want to combine two of Malaysia’s leading attractions then the Similajau National Park on Sarawak is for you. A quiet corner of the country that is home to gibbons, turtles, macaques, a plethora of bird species, amongst lush forests and waterfalls. Come between the months of April and September for the best conditions. The best chance of witnessing turtles laying their eggs on the beaches is between March and September. Needless to say development is minimal at Similajau National Park, but there are campsites and hostels on the island and a café to refuel.