Exciting Philippine real estate investment destinations beyond Metro Manila

Boracay Newcoast holiday home for sale
The Boracay Newcoast Integrated Tourism Development will help the island revamp its tourism sector

There are lots of real estate investment opportunities in Metro Manila. From Makati to Quezon City and everywhere else, most people know about what makes the city a good choice for property investment. However, there are also other parts of the Philippines that should be on your radar.

If you’re looking for real estate investment destinations beyond Metro Manila, we’ve come up with a few you might want to take a look at. Each one has potential and strong supporting peripherals. Additionally, property here will most likely be more affordable than what’s available in Metro Manila.

Philippine real estate investment destinations

1) Pampanga

We’re not alone in singing the praises of Pampanga, a province in the Central Luzon. A recent report from Colliers International that found investors are now looking towards the city for property investment as the government’s infrastructure push has now carried into Central Luzon and the Clark Freeport Zone.

This has benefited Pampanga, also known as ‘The Culinary Capital of the Philippines’, a great deal. Prices will likely increase over the coming years as the government’s infrastructure projects reach completion. And with travel times between the province and Metro Manila set to be reduced, Pampanga will become an attractive option for commuters.

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2) Davao City

Philippine real estate investment destinations
Most new condos in Davao City feature resort-style amenities

Davao City is among the most exciting real estate investment destinationsin the country for a few reasons. According to Prime Philippines, the Davao City residential condominium market has an occupancy rate of 83 percent with this being higher in central areas of the city such as J.P. Laurel Avenue.

The high occupancy rates and strong demand were the catalyst for impressive home price growth. Research from the consultancy showed property prices in Davao City jumped from PHP60,000-80,000 to PHP100,000 per square meter between 2017 and 2018.

This is supported by a booming business sector and growth in tourism. More people are being drawn to Davao City due to its liveability and low crime rate.

3) Boracay

While some feared that the Boracay shutdown would damage the island’s reputation among tourists, this doesn’t seem to be the case. People are returning, but the break provided the island with some much needed time to reorganize. The Boracay Inter-Agency Task Force worked to ease traffic flow on the island while putting measures in place to enforce the rule of law. It also continues to craft and implement a medium-term comprehensive ecosystem rehabilitation and recovery program for the island.

This gives real estate investors peace of mind that another shutdown is unlikely. Investing in a property that’s part of Boracay Newcoast Integrated Tourism Development is a smart move. The complex occupies 15 percent of the island and will revamp Boracay tourism.

The Boracay Newcoast Integrated Tourism Development spans 150 hectares and boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, several residential communities, hotels and leisure centers. Once completed, it is set to become a must-visit spot for those spending time on the island.

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