Green and Serene: How Phuket’s eco-friendly condominium looks to make a real difference

Thailand continues to fight environmental challenges of all shapes and sizes. And tourist areas are perhaps the most vulnerable. Plastic waste washes up onto the country’s famed beaches and pollutes the beautiful waters on a seemingly never-ending basis.

In 2018, a 10-kilometer patch of plastic waste was discovered floating in the Gulf of Thailand. Meanwhile, a lack of waste infrastructure means the country has become one of the world’s largest contributors of plastic waste into the ocean which continues to be the tourism sectors major selling point.

But marine issues are simply one of the many widespread environmental challenges the country is dealing with in tourists areas. Deforestation saps Thailand of a natural way to lower carbon emissions as well as a mechanism that can naturally cool. This, in turn, requires the use of more electricity which pumps more CO2 into the air.

The potential of renewable energy has yet to be realized in Phuket, although there is hope solutions, such as offshore wind, will soon be embraced. Until then, natural gas, or in some places coal or even diesel, continue to be relied upon for power.

For the most part, it has been up to the business community to tackle these environmental challenges. Real estate developers, in particular, can play a huge role in helping Thailand become a greener place. Many of their decisions have either a direct or indirect impact on the environment and spread to other industries.

This is especially true in the country’s tourist areas where negative headlines of pollution can cause visitors to think twice about their travel plans.

The start of Phuket’s eco-friendly condominium

When it comes to sustainability, doing something is always better than doing nothing. There is no shortage of developers in Phuket, and Thailand as a whole, reducing the impact their projects have on the environment. This action should be applauded.

However, developer Serene Surin wanted to take these efforts to the next level and launch Phuket’s first eco-friendly condominium. The focus wasn’t to simply incorporate green features into the project or reduce carbon emissions, but to create a place where people could enjoy the splendor of the island without harming the beautiful surroundings.

The environmental aims extend of Serene Surin start with Managing Director Fredrik Young Carlsson who grew up in Sweden. The Nordic countries have long led the way in terms of sustainability efforts and this mindset was combined with his knowledge of the local property market to create Serene Condominium, Phuket’s first eco-friendly condominium.

Embracing nature

Serene Condominium green spaces
Green is everywhere at Serene Condominium

The best way to preserve nature is to leave it alone. That was one of the guiding principles for the developer when selecting a site. Ultimately, they found a land plot on a hill between Surin and Bang Tao Beaches without any large trees or greenery.

With that out of the way, the focus shifted to building a green environment both in and outside of Serene Condominium. The lush landscapes around the main structure were preserved to allow for fresher air and lower temperatures.

The next task was to connect the greenery found outside to the development itself. Climbing ivy was placed on the buildings’ exterior to make it look as if it was an extension of the area while flora hangs off the balconies. On the inside, vertical gardens and potted plants ensure residents never lose sight of nature.

The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, research from NASA has shown plants freshen air and eliminate harmful toxins. Secondly, being around nature can help people feel relaxed and calm.

Innovative build

Serene Condominium eco-friendly
Rooftop solar panels are one of many eco-friendly features at Serene Condominium

With a green foundation to build upon, the next step for Serene Condominium was to look for innovative ways the project could maximize resources while minimizing the impact it had on the environment.

Some of these efforts were straightforward, like banning the use of non-recycled plastic. Another example is the ceilings in common areas which are equipped with Green Board, a product made entirely from recycled material. Meanwhile, precast Thai Expended Clay Aggregate (TEXCA) Walls were used to improve energy efficiency throughout the development.

However, other issues required more ambitious thinking. Like many islands in Southeast Asia, Phuket faces challenges when it comes to water supply and energy production. Obviously, a residential project can’t solve these issues, but there was a chance to maximize the natural resources available on-site.

Installing solar panels on the roof of Serene Condominium lessens the need for energy generated through other means. The developer estimates up to 30 percent of total peak energy consumption can be covered by in-house renewables.

Another key innovation is the water resource management that collects rainwater and grey water. This is then funneled through filters and cleaned before being stored in a different tank. The harvested water has many non-consumable usages, such as watering plants, in toilets or to wash outdoor areas.

An uncompromising experience 

There is a common misconception that sustainable products of any kind are more expensive, lower quality or both when compared to others available. That being said, Phuket’s eco-friendly condominium, Serene Condominium is proving these to be false.

From a quality standpoint, everything at the project is as good, if not better, than similar condominiums. Every sustainable innovation used throughout Serene Condominium is demonstrably of the highest standards. And the developer didn’t simply stop there.

Studio units here, for instance, feature transformable furniture that creates flexible spaces. Residents and investors aren’t having to sacrifice a comfortable living experience to be green. They enjoy the best of both. Of course, that means nothing if the project is unaffordable.

To that end, buying eco-friendly here doesn’t come with exorbitant price tag. Residences at Serene Condominium are competitively priced when compared to other projects. What’s more everything is backed by a strong rental management program where buyers can take advantage of a minimum guaranteed return of five percent with no limits as well as up to 29 complimentary nights per year.

Serene Condominium, Phuket’s eco-friendly condominium, offers an uncompromising experience that is both affordable and sustainable. Click here for more information.