Holiday energy savings tips that will help keep your electric bill low

holiday energy savings tips
Switching to LED lights for the Christmas tree can lead to big savings on your next energy bill

Sometimes it’s okay to be a Scrooge. And with the holiday season now upon us, being stingy on electricity can mean more money for gifts, food and other seasonal favourites. Keeping all of those lights, not the mention the usual appliances, running can add up between now and the new year.

In the holiday spirit, we’ve come up with some holiday energy savings tips designed to help you cut costs on power. Doing even a few of these will ensure you don’t receive a proverbial lump of coal when your electric bill comes.

4 holiday energy savings tips

1) Turn off the holiday lights when you leave

If no one is at home, there is no need to leave the tree lit up. Not only does it cost you money, but it can also be dangerous if the lights overheat or something malfunctions. The same idea applies when it is time to go to bed. Santa will still be able to find your home regardless of if your tree was lit in early December.

2) Replace old lights with LED ones

Of all the holiday energy savings tips, this one can provide the most savings. When you replace your old Christmas lights with LED ones, the savings add up fast. That’s because LED holiday lights use 90 percent less electricity than incandescent lighting. Additionally, new lights can bring some extra flair to your home this holiday season.

3) Unplug what you aren’t using 

Chances are you have a phone charger at home that is likely plugged into the socket with nothing currently being charged. There are probably lots of other appliances and gadgets also plugged in that aren’t being used. Even when these are not switched on, the vampire electronics can suck power and run up your energy bill.

Of course, it’s not practical to go around and unplug every single electronic device before leaving. That’s why it is smart to use power strips. The handy tool makes it easy to unplug multiple appliances at once. And be sure to unplug all chargers if you aren’t using them.

4) Cut down on the AC

It may not be a white Christmas with snow, but the temperature does drop in November and December. This is an opportunity to use the air conditioner less and instead rely on fans or open windows. Be sure the check the weather outside during the evenings and nights to see if you really need to use the AC.