This article was written before the recent Lombok earthquake. Tourism remains a cornerstone of the island’s economy moving forward despite the tragedy. Property investors and holiday home seekers should not remove Lombok from their list of potential destinations because, as we have seen with Phuket, a full recovery is likely. The Jakarta Post has a complete list of organizations accepting donations to help the victims of the Lombok earthquake. Donate here.

Many people still dream of owning a Bali villa despite the staggering number of tourists, crowded beaches and relatively high property prices. A piece of this Indonesian paradise is still too good to pass up. Those who were able to lock down a residence in Seminyak at the turn of the century have benefited greatly.

Zoe Rice of Elite Havens told the Financial Times there was generally an increase of 20 percent in land values annually from the early 2000s to 2012. This coincided with a foreign buyer boom with 30 percent of all Bali real estate acquisitions being carried out by people from overseas.

Home prices in Bali have been stagnant over the past few years, but a booming short-term letting market makes it possible for property owners to take in gross rental yields as high as 10 percent. It should be noted a special licence is required to do this.

What if there was a place just as beautiful as Bali, far less crowded and with significant room for future growth? There actually is and it is less than an hour flight from Bali. Lombok is one of Southeast Asia’s last remaining hidden gems and it is primed for future growth. Samara Lombok is offering investors a chance to own a slice of paradise.

Samara Lombok: idyllic living, impressive investment

Samara Lombok promises to bring something different to the island. Designed by an award-winning architect who has worked with W, Four Seasons and Grand Hyatt, the Samara Lombok villa designs will be sympathetic to the local landscape and influenced by the nature of Lombok.

Additionally, Samara Lombok is more than just a real estate development, it aims to become a bespoke community of likeminded people. Off the grid, yet equipped with all amenities required for, the contemporary villas are inspired by traditional designs, and are complemented by a range of dynamic land and sea activities as well as dining options.

The project consists of three distinct areas: Samara Bay, Samara Beach and Samara Hills. Samara Bay features a hotel; Samara Beach is home to a range of studio units and a beach club; and Samara Hills is a stunning villa estate where owners will be able to access to the full range of facilities throughout the trio of communities.

Highly-respected developer Rascal Republic is behind Samara Lombok. The firm is predicting strong capital appreciation on the land and villas at Samara Hills. This growth looks to be sustainable long term as Lombok develops into a world-class destination with proper infrastructure. Another benefit of an investment into Samara Hills is the robust legal structure in place that provides investors with an 85-year leasehold agreement.

It is important to act quickly to secure your space at Samara Hills. Only a limited number of plots remain as part of the development’s first phase. These will be taken up soon.

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