Taking a look at the possible returns of Pattaya property investment

Pattaya property investment

One frequently asked question many property investors have is just what can they expect in terms of return on investment. Especially in a place like Pattaya where the market has recorded both ups and downs during the past few years.

Perhaps no one is as well suited to answer this question than Ekaterina “Kate” Okisheva, Managing Director at Invest East Property. Her agency has assisted countless clients, helping them find investment properties along Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard.

Among the investors the team at Invest East Property has worked with, many happen to be based overseas. They usually want a property that can be used for holidays and then rented out. Today, Kate shares a real life example of possible Pattaya property investment returns.

Preparing for retirement 

In 2012, an Invest East Properties customer from Russia purchased an off-plan unit in the Grande Caribbean condominium complex near Pattaya’s Jomtien Beach. The investors had just turned 50 and wanted an apartment she could visit a few times a year and then rent out while she was away. Her end goal was to eventually retire in Thailand, and the property would help achieve this.

The following year she jumped into the market further, acquiring two apartments in a New Nordic Group development that provided hotel management and guaranteed rental returns of 10 percent. She planned on these properties being used exclusively for investment.

She wound up selling one of these units in 2015 to fund other investments and Kate noted the deal was closed very quickly. This year, the investor decided to sell her unit in Grande Caribbean and opted to purchase another property in a New Nordic development. Here is what her total investment looks like:

Income from Pattaya property investment sales:

THB1.2 million

Rental returns from Pattaya property investment:

THB1.6 million – original New Nordic investment (84 months)

574,999 THB – second New Nordic investment (30 months)

THB504,000 -Grand Caribbean unit

THB112,500 – most recent New Nordic purchase (8 months)

This comes out to a return of a little more than THB4 million over seven years on investments of THB6.89 million, or roughly eight percent annually. Kate believes this shows it is possible for anyone to have success when it comes to Pattaya property investment if they work a skilled agency such as Invest East Properties.

“The most important part of this story is that our client was satisfied with her life and was able to provide herself with a solid source of income through Pattaya property investment,” Kate points out. “At Invest East Property, we view this as a success story for us as well. We worked together with this customer to ensure she was completely satisfied.“

For more information about how Invest East Property can help with Pattaya Property investment please contact Kate by calling +6682-211-8894 or via e-mail at kate@investeast-property.com