Banwa Private Island and Ascent team up to create the Philippines’ most exclusive holiday experience

Banwa Private Island and Ascent are offering the Philippines' most exclusive holiday experience

Imagine taking a private plane or helicopter from Metro Manila to a private island in Palawan. Sounds pretty amazing, right? You no longer need to use your imagination because Banwa Private Island and Ascent have partnered to create the Philippines’ most exclusive holiday experience.

Banwa Private Island is a collection of six beachfront villas with each one having its own infinity swimming pool. These accommodations provide the utmost in privacy, tranquility and exclusivity.

What makes this holiday destination truly special is the location of Banwa Private Island. It is set amidst an outstanding area of natural beauty in northeastern Palawan. Guests are surrounded by picturesque blue waters, pristine white sands and lush tropical landscapes.

Thanks to Ascent, it is now easier to visit than ever before. Asia’s leading air mobility company has partnered with Banwa Private Island to provide bespoke, seamless and personalized travel that allows for the Philippines’ most exclusive holiday experience.

Guest can make their way to the bespoke resort from Metro Manila on a private, eight-seat seaplane. The one hour, 45-minute flight will see you land on the doorstep of Banwa Private Island ready to enjoy your one-of-a-kind holiday. It’s also possible to make the journey on a private helicopter from Ninoy Aquino International Airport or The Peninsula Manila’s helipad.

Seaplane Flight Direct to Banwa Private Island
You can take a seaplane flight direct to Banwa Private Island

There are a number of other transportation options available thanks to Ascent. What’s more, the company handles meet and greet arrangements, inter-airport transfers, exclusive lounge service and immigration fast track to ensure a hassle-free experience.

“Banwa Private Island’s vision of an enhanced experience by air between Banwa Private Island’s guests’ home, and its remote delicate environment, is dear to us. With this partnership, guests’ experience now starts with a seamless and private bubble,” Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff, Founder and CEO of Ascent, explained. “Ascent’s dedicated solution for Banwa Private Island, brings a holistic journey by air, like no other, beyond motion. With best-in-class air operations on fuel efficient aircraft, Banwa Private Island’s guests elevate their journey with peace of mind.”

Simply put, Banwa Private Island and Ascent have curated the Philippines’ most exclusive holiday experience. Nothing can possibly top private air transportation to one of the world’s most luxurious private islands.