Family has always been a big part of SEA Property since the company was founded in 1997. Family was also a driving force behind the leading real estate agency’s decision to rebrand after a successful five-year partnership with Coldwell Banker. 

“We are moving back to our roots as a family business. We had a great partnership with Coldwell Banker, but it is a corporate franchise with its own goals and values. It made more sense for us to have our own name in order to better achieve the goals we have,” Norbert Witthinrich, SEA Property Owner and Director, explains. “Going back to our roots allows us to really focus on what we value and want to be.”

SEA Property established itself as Phuket’s best real estate agency over the years through its unique ability to build relationships. This is something it will lean into even further as part of rebranding efforts.

“For 25 years, we have worked to create partnerships with people that extend beyond buying a property. Our new focus allows us to do more things to further that mission,” Norbert details. “For example, we can now provide property management services to ensure that when someone purchases a home in Phuket, it is professionally maintained and increases in value.” 

Norbert Witthinrich, SEA Property Owner and Director
Norbert Witthinrich, SEA Property Owner and Director

However, this is only a start. SEA Property is rolling out several new and innovative ways to share its unmatched knowledge of all things Phuket to a wider audience. For example, Norbert’s daughter, Victoria Witthinrich, is showing people the best of what the island has to offer on YouTube

“We can show people not only properties in Phuket, but the lifestyle as well. Our YouTube channel gives us a platform to share our knowledge of the island with the world and it is something that can be helpful to clients as well as anyone interested in Phuket,” Norbert says.

Another initiative sees SEA Property partner with noted wealth management coach Alan Yip via its More Than Wealth program. He can provide insights on life planning, help families raise responsible children of wealth and offer advice on many other topics.  

“For us, it is not about selling a property. We’re always searching for ways on how we can assist people in making their life fuller. Working with Alan is another way we support clients and help them create the lifestyle they want for their entire family,” Norbert says.

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SEA Property builds bonds that last

SEA Property
The SEA Property family builds meaningful bonds that extend beyond real estate

When someone asks a question, SEA Property doesn’t simply have an answer. After two decades on the island, it has the experience to answer. This is something they want to share with those wanting to call Phuket home in one form or another. 

“Relationships never really end. That is why we strive to build lasting bonds with the people we work with. Our partnership doesn’t stop once a contract is signed,” Norbert proclaims. “Our aim is to be there for them during move in and while they are here in Phuket. And, with our property management service, we can now look after them while they’re away.”  

SEA Property’s rebrand has allowed the company to return to its roots which were built on family bonds. But it was also done with the future in mind. The move provides the agency with greater freedom to pursue what it values most today while ensuring the next generation can build upon what has already been accomplished.

“Phuket is home for us and has been for 25 years. When we look into the future, the important thing is to leave this business in a strong position for the next generation,” Norbert concludes. 

The best way to understand the level of service, care and commitment SEA Property provides is to experience it for yourself. Speaking with their team isn’t simply a chat about what real estate in Phuket is available. It’s a conversation about the endless opportunities available to you on the island. Click here to learn more about what the agency offers.