Tips for real estate agents to generate more testimonials

generate more testimonials
If you want to generate more testimonials, you should start by asking

For real estate agents, testimonials are one of the most valuable marketing tools available. It provides an instant credibility boost in the eyes of potential customers and helps set you apart in a crowded field. Better yet, these are entirely free.

But generating testimonials can be a real chore. There will always be those clients who are happy to write you a few nice words. However, most satisfied customers will simply go along their way. If you want to generate more testimonials, you will need to be proactive. Here is some help in making it happen.

3 tips to generate more testimonials

1) Ask them to do and tell them where to leave it

You will never know if you don’t ask. If you want a testimonial from a client, it never hurts to ask for one. This is by no means a guarantee they will do it. You get quite a few people who agree to do it only to never write the testimonial. One way around this is to specify to your client where they should leave it. For example, telling them to write a testimonial or review on Facebook or Google gives them a clearer objective. And if that fails, you can always…

2) Write it for them

Some people just don’t know what to write or can’t be bothered. If this is the case, then write a testimonial for them and have them approve it. You’d be surprised at just how effective this method is. Be mindful of two things before you do this. Firstly, do not publish any testimonial without the approval of the client. Secondly, make sure what you write accurately reflects their experience.

3) Create a feedback form

Another way to gain testimonials is to create a feedback form. Not only can the insights here be used to improve your own skills, but you can ask them to share their thoughts on working with you. It’s important you clearly state that what is written on the feedback form may be published.